About Aarav

Artists are Born …Not Made

Nothing can be more apt, to explain the artistic talent of Aarav, than the line above.

A child prodigy born 12 years ago, Aarav is a talent that cannot be defined in words.

Aarav started painting when he was three and ever since he has taken his artistic capabilities forward growing by leaps and bounds every year, and what started as a mere hobby has now bloomed into a passion that could compete with big names in the art world.

If you view his artworks, the variety of mediums used and the keen sense of space and colors will make it difficult for you to believe they have been created by a twelve-year-old boy.

The thought process and the inspiration to his work are something that only Aarav knows, which he is unable to express, he says that they are whatever is in his mind at that moment; a direct representation of his thought.

With over 400 works spanning over nine years, solo art exhibitions and live painting shows with Indian Sitar maestro – Ustad Shujaat Khan & ace flutist – ParasNath, will make his artistic talent different from children’s art that we see in general.

Use of fine textured lines through the bold and bright color strokes together masterfully to give his figures life and movement. His versatility, spontaneity and command over his brush strokes are his biggest attributes. Human faces as a field that could well capture the emotions that were intensely felt by human beings.

Migration from drawing to sculptures or relief in a conscious manner that is remarkably mature. His capacity to innovate and carry forward even breaks from tradition is the hallmark of this young artistic work.

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