The youngest artist at World Art Dubai 2019


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Get to know the youngest artist at World Art Dubai 2019.

Aarav Verma is a Child artist. So it would be unrealistic to expect his art to reflect something other than the thoughts and feelings natural to a young boy of ten. Indeed it is a joy to see his works full of spontaneity, bursting with colour and awakening us to fanciful forms that people a child’s world of freshness and wonder.

His paintings and sculptures are in no way precocious. They reflect the authentic moments of creativity that burst out of a child. And one can see his curious eyes seek out animal and insect forms, and even facial peculiarities of fellow human beings and portray them with a sense of discovery that clothes them in mystery. This way of looking at the world around one is characteristic of childhood.

Aarav’s works reflect his remarkable capacity to use different formal criteria and harmonize them. One can see how from his earliest works, he uses line drawing and colour strokes together masterfully to give his figures life and movement.

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